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Academic development for learning spaces

Academic development for learning spaces

Stanford for learning environments. Check the blog from Dougal's wshop

It is incredibly important to utilise the physical learning space we are provided during our teaching careers. This pin shows us some of the more creative ideas out there in relation to making the best use of classroom spaces.

Next Generation Learning Spaces Site at The University of Queensland - First Year Engineering Learning Centre

This learning space shows how there are many learning styles within the same space. You see students interacting with each other in teams as well as some students that are individual learners. There is a space for everyone to learn at their comfort level.

Distributed Spaces for Learning

Physical and VirtualLearning Spaces inHigher Education:Concepts for the ModernLearning EnvironmentMike KeppellCharles Sturt University, AustraliaKay SouterLa T…

Pretty darn cool! : Remake Your Class: Building a Collaborative Learning Environment (Video Playlist)

Remake Your Class: Building a Collaborative Learning Environment (Video Playlist)

Video Series: Watch a determined middle school teacher transform his crowded classroom space to enable deeper learning and effective teamwork -- with help from his students, community volunteers, and a few experts.

Best Practices in Educational Facilities Investments

From DoDEA Century Schools Interior Slideshow - An example of all glass walls for separate space; also a good example of personalized, varied workspaces throughout the commons

Learning spaces - YouTube

Learning spaces - YouTube

Bretford Learning Spaces

I’m encouraged by how many people continue to amplify learning spaces to the level of importance as curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Recently, the furniture company Bretford launched …