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{amygdalota Androu} #vegetarian Almond sweets are traditional treats all over the Aegean Sea islands. Each island makes a different shape or size; some are tiny, others are like buttons or pear shaped or even longer and finger shaped… They also come in different aromas. I love this treat for its simplicity, the fact that it can be stored for days without losing its taste, but mostly because it reminds me of the Greek summer. ‘Amygdalota’ are served on happy occasions: weddings…

Greek Kok or Coke Cream Filled Pastry

In Greek, this is spelled with a "k" and pronounced "coke," and these are Greek cream puffs. A fabulous pastry cream filling and chocolate glaze make these bite-sized sweets a favorite.

Traditional Greek Galaktoboureko recipe (Greek Custard Pie with Syrup)

Galaktoboureko - made this - substituted puff pastry for the bottom layer per Val. Next time, use maple syrup instead for top (per Val). Also, it had too much semolina - not sure if it was my mistake or the recipe, but next time use less.

I first tasted pistachio cookies in Italy, about two years ago. My husband and I were searching for Il Gelato di San Crispino that was supposed to serve Rome’s best gelato when we chanced u…

Apricot Kolaches – An Hungarian Christmas Cookie

Traditional Hungarian Apricot Kolaches | My Hungarian husband's favorite Christmas Cookie recipe! He says they taste just like his grandma used to make!