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Silena Jackson and Beryl is in the air....(this two were made by cherryandsisters, its only a headcanon)

Silena Jackson and Beryl Grace.(this two were made by cherryandsisters, its only a headcanon)

Watch where you're pointing that Annabeth. You want babies with him right?

the-pigeon-detective: “ perseus-and-annabeth: “ “ phew! finally finished my babys are still in tartarus (I haven’t finished reading HoH yet) so I felt the need to draw.

Power swapping with their boyfriends.

~ Demigod girlies power swapping with their boyfriends ~ flying Piper is unstoppableee sorry for my inactivity.schooling is eating me up ; … This might still be a wip, might do the guys version…. if I have tiiime D: also! I accidentally used a.

with great power comes great need to take a nap:

ask-nicodiangelo: Do you like McDonald's? Or did you buy the happy meals just to raise the dead?


Heroes of Olympus - Frank Zhang ( Frank is the falcon) x Hazel Levesque - Frazel

Heroes of Olympus by on @deviantART

characters from Heroes of Olympus, an incredible book series. Heroes of Olympus