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Activity+1+-+Students+cut+out+the+parts+of+a+butterfly+and+paste+in+the+appropriate+space  Activity+2+-+Students+match+the+part+of+a+butterfly+with+its+definition  Check+out+my+Butterfly+Life+Cycle+flipbook! http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Butterfly-Life-Cycle-1196475  Check+out+my+Butterfly+vs+Moth+mini+lesson! http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Butterfly-vs-Moth-1196583

Activity 1 - Students cut out the parts of a butterfly and paste in the appropriate space Activity 2 - Students match the part of a butterfly with.

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Lambs do it, alpacas do it, even gazelles do it: pronking. Also known as stotting, that joyous all-four-hooves-in-the-air leap can be one of the happiest ways to signal a hoofin’ good time. But pronking’s for more than

Might Could Marker by Might Could Studios on @Graphicsauthor

Might Could Marker Fonts Might Could Studios presents. Might Could Marker! The third and final member of the Might Could h by Might Could Studios

You Think Your Life Is Hard? Check Out These Animal Facts!

42 Sad Animal Facts That Will Make You Feel Simultaneously Amused And Heartbroken.

Education, and what have you... - Imgur

Education, and what have you...

Lil' Life Comic: Brick Timelapse drawing video

Another edition of my daily Lil' Life Comics.