Television, as we know it, is changing. Just look at developments like DVR, Movies On Demand, Netflix Instant Watch, and Hulu – “old TV” is going away, and “new TV” is interactive, available whenever we want, and portable. Never missing an opportunity to integrate into in a new market, Google announced Google TV at this year’s [...]

DIY Vision Board | 10 New Things Every DIY-er Should Try | Best Crafts, DIY Skills And Projects To Make! by DIY Ready at

Warm autumn and winter sweaters have charm. Therefore, when they come out of fashion or have us get bored, do not throw them in the trash.

LOOK FORWARD TO SOMETHING NEW You’re allowing your past to stop you from seeing what I am doing in your life. I want to bring new things into your life. Don’t allow the past to hinder you anymore, look forward to the future, and believe Me for new things. Never think that My hand too short that it can’t deliver you, or do the impossible in your life. My storehouse is full of great and mighty things. However, how will you ever experience all that I have for you if you are focused on things…

Josh Waitzkin is eight-time national chess champion, world t'ai chi chuan competitor and executive coach to the world's top financial leaders. These are nine tips he offers for how to master anything, at any age. Read the full article at:

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