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Vintage 1955 Hawaiian Punch Tin Can-we loved this stuff!

Vintage 1955 Hawaiian Punch Tin Can.there was a commercial."want a nice Hawaiian punch?" And the Hawaiian character punched someone.my mother said this to my brother and with her little punch he ended up in the floor!

Yellow Lid!!!

Hershey's Syrup in a can---the only way it came. Poked two triangular holes in the top with a bottle opener. Had a yellow plastic lid. I couldn't wait to be a grown up so I could buy these cans and drink them!

Licking the icing off the beater...yum!

licking the beaters before we were all afraid of raw eggs. I did this and I have a photo of my daughter licking the beaters too.

key can opener ~ oh my I had forgotten about those ♥

"Crisco Shortening" Tin Can With Key And Paper Label.used Crisco Shortening in many recipes at the time.


Tupperware bowls, cups and storage containers--- hahahaha my mom still has them!

80's coke bottle with tin top- usually bought at the little country store in the middle of nowhere

Remember glass soda bottles with styrofoam labels? I used to rip them off in rings and stuff them inside the bottle before I tossed it. soda did taste better in these.

Nabisco Saltine Tin Canister.

Vintage Nabisco Saltine Tin Canister - I still use mine; never have a stale cracker!

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil - what a scent!!

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil - how I cringe now at how much sun damage I actively sought!

Crack for kids!

Old school lids! Pop it up with a butter knife! Nestles Quik hot chocolate & toast for breakfast every morning.

romper-room. Apparently I would be extremely excited when she would "see" me :)

The magic mirror Romper Stomper Bomper Boo tell me tell tell me true did all my friends have fun today? I cant believe I remember that later