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Lunar crater Linné, (27.7°N, 11.8°E)

Color coded shaded relief map of Linné crater km diameter) created from an LROC NAC stereo topographic model.

Hempcrete Can Change The Way We Build Everything

House made from hemp. Hemp Technologies, a construction company based in North Carolina this adamant about the advantages of building using Hempcrete.

Solar Box Heater - http://www.ecosnippets.com/alternative-energy/solar-box-heater/

Solar Box Heater Solar energy can be used to heat your home in several ways…

Inside Taiwan's UFO houses - YouTube

Creepiest stories from lost and abandoned civilizations

1963: Dieter Schmid’s Plastic House

Plastic Homes from the Days When Plastic Was the Future

Architectural Design: Nest Pod by Fernando Romero | Covet Edition

Architectural Design: Nest Pod by Fernando Romero

ben daniel von stephani

Ben Daniel von Stephani - Golden Sky "Lost in dreams, oceans of hopes. Golden is the path to nowhere but it is filled with magic.