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I believe I have found the most perfect prayer for my life at this time!! I could not say it any better than it is written here!! And yes, the pruning process is not comfortable and at times painful!! But, I have turned it all over to God and he's going to take care of everything!! I have more Faith now than I have ever had before!! I seriously can't wait to see what God has for me in the future!!

Short Prayer For Faith, Short depression prayers for healing to Lord Jesus, This is a beautiful prayer you can repeat during bed time for forgetting your past and mistake.trust the lord

Still waiting God,... but am not in a hurry

Trust God, for he knows what is right. (except, i have a man who thinks he deserves it, and honestly, he does not deserve it) so perhaps God will place my heart in the hands of a man who truly deserves it!

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Psalm (ESV) 6 The Lord preserves the simple; when I was brought low, he saved me.

Think about it!! Where is your most focus is on? Ask your self every day where and what is my most focus is on? Then if you need to fix it. Then fix it. Your focus needs to be on the bible more then your other stuff.

I need to work on this. It's so true. We shouldn't be so much in the world or what's going on or be too busy for God instead we should make time to be in His presence.

in this book I'm reading it talks about mind binders-which is a form of spiritual warfare-the negative thoughts that run through our heads are not from God...we are to pray ask God to take them away, believing He has done so. Sing praises, read scripture outloud-it helps...

5 Ways To Overcome A Spiritual Attack: Pray, Speak & Believe Turth, Choose Not To Fear, Let Go Of Control, Watch God Work

GOD, he is the reason for everything we are and everything we want to be. Without him I'm nothing and have nothing. I love you God. You are my personal Savior. I'm proud to be a chrisitian!

God is the reason for my life. I love God. He is the reason that I have hope.


Lord I bring to you my burdens and you know my situation. You know I cant make it without you. Comfort my heart, give me strength & help me carry on. My daily prayer.

the smile on my face doesnt mean my life is perfect. it means i appreciate what i have and what god has blessed me with

The smile on my face doesn't mean my life is perfect. It means I appreciate what I have and what God has blessed me with. I am blessed!

I am a proud mexican girl who grew up in the country. I love everything country but I do love what a big city has to offer.where the country meets the city.

Amazes me.. Still at 39 yrs. old. You truly find out who your friends are during the hard times and the good! Love my " REAL FRIENDS" You know who you are! Love you!!!! xo

Even when it seems no one is on your side, God is. Thank You, Lord, for always being there for me.

Pray to the Father in the name of his Son our Lord and Savior;-)

Prayer to Clear My Mind - Acts ~ "So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man.

Believe that God is always there walking right beside you

I this scripture, The Lord is always with us, no matter what :) he loves us so much and wants us to come back to live with him someday.