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Famous Brick Street Chocolate Cake. Everything you dream of in a rich, dense chocolate cake. Surprise ingredients. And a to-die-for ganache frosting.

Lemon Lava Cake

An ultra tender cake with slightly crisp edges and a perfectly white chocolate lemon-y molten lava gooey center, this Lemon Lava Cake is surprisingly easy and so decadent! #lemonlavacake #moltenlavacake

Mocha Layer Cake with Chocolate-Rum Cream Filling

Rigó Jancsi (Ree-go Yan-chee), a popular Hungarian creamy chocolate cake named after a famous violin player, who once ordered this cake for his love.

Monster Layer Cake

Monster Layer Cake ~ The cake is a mocha coffee flavored. The buttercream is real lightened butter fully whipped. The coffee infused into the cake. The intense chocolate layer yet still light. Then the chocolate sauce, and finally, finished a chocolate ganache. The layers and flavors blend together so well.

Cream Cheese Stuffed Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Coffee Cake

The best Banana ANYTHING ever! Moist Banana Bread Coffee Cake riddled with chocolate chips and walnuts (optional) with an INCREDIBLY creamy cheesecake-like cream cheese filling all topped with brown sugar walnut streusel and vanilla drizzle.

Vodka Cake from episode "Being Dead is No Excuse" of the Very Vera Show. Aired 05/17/2014.

Ready for a Bundt-le of fun? Take out your handy dandy Bundt pan and get ready to make some of the best easy cake recipes of all time. From Hummingbird Cake to Ugly Cake and more, these easy cake recipes are top of the class!

Dolci, Italian Desserts

Italian Chocolate Cream Cake - A three-layered chocolate cake with a little something extra--coconut and chopped hazelnuts. While many chocolate cake recipes offer a heavy and intensely rich dessert, this Italian classic brings just enough soft sweetness to enjoy.