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Disney Princess restyling- Megara by chiccas on deviantART

Megara as a lady, big inspiration by "The Great Gatsby" movie Disney Princess restyling- Megara

Princess Megara by ~LadyAquanine73551 on deviantART

According to the Greek myths about Herakles (yes, I mean THAT guy), his very first wife was a princess named Megara.

Swamp Bender, Tiana by Robby Cook US): "Tiana of the Swamp Benders. Things get dangerous down in the bayou. This is the next installment of my princess/Avatar series. Tiana creates an alligator moss creature to help her protect the swamp land.

Steampunk Beauty and the Beast ~ Marcel Pérez aka "Zuthell"

Steampunk Beauty and the Beast. I love how the key to the lock on 'the beast's chest is attached to her hip.

Disney. Never, ever, pause one of their movies

16 Disney Movie Scenes Paused At Exactly The Right Moment… Tip: Don't pause Disney movies Cx