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Roll takes a stroll by Dhutchison on DeviantArt

Guile's Dream: Street Fighter V's gonna be on ESPN: When Evo rolls around in two weeks' time, it'll get far more mainstream attention than…

Tokyo has no shortage of strange food devices and restaurants — from the SushiBot to Capcom's video game inspired restaurants. This one takes the cake and then some. Futuristic robot Amazons, piloted by real girls, roll around with giant trays ready to take your drink order and serve food. The food and drink might be a bit of a distraction from the floorshow at Robot Restaurant. There are marching bands, motorcycles and giant tanks.

Drum roll please! Been wanting to take this pic for a log while and thanks to members of the community a long time of stalking eBay I now have a 98% complete Megaman X series! Just missing the manual for X2 but still they look beautiful! #retrocollective #retrogames #retrogaming #megaman #capcom #nintendo #playstation #ps1 #ps2 #gamecube #snes #gameboy #igersnintendo #igersplaystation #ninstagram #nintendofan #nintendolife by optimusbond

The 45 Best New Board Games

Marvel Dice Masters is a little bit like an old-school Marvel vs. Capcom arcade title: Sure, there are fighting game masters out there who know all the buttons for all the moves, but you can have a great time with just a friend, all your favorite characters, and non-stop button mashing. Now take that formula, replace button-mashing with dice-rolling, and you've got Marvel Dice Masters. Each superhero is a customized die. You start with a team of 15 and the fun begins at first roll.

Bass Bass, Forte in Japan, is a robot designed by Dr. Wily. He was constructed based on research conducted on Mega Man with the intention of matching his power. Wily makes mention of discovering the energy that powers Bass, Bassnium, the most powerful form of energy on Earth, entirely by mistake. Despite being created by Wily and being more competent in his abilities, Bass frequently rebels against his creator when he feels Wily is standing between him and defeating Mega Man. He desires to…

Artist Comment: White big face, silent, (o)__(o) expression. That's Megaman(girl). Talking mood = not Megaman.