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Russian jet 'shot down by Turkish forces'. The turks have always hated the kurds and assaulted them every chance they could and marginalized them to make life very hard just as muslims do to every other group that is nonmuslim. Being sunni they support isis literally and are also networking with obummer for the maryland super mosque which as mosques are meant to be is for usurping the local and federal gov and other infrastructure already exhisting to turn them into sharia compliant idiocy!

Russian jet 'shot down by Turkish forces'

Turkish forces have shot down a Russian jet after it flew into the country's airspace, according to unconfirmed reports on social media. Pictured is a jet belonging to the Russian Air Force

United Nations human rights chief said the demand by Saudi Arabia and three other Arab nations for Qatar to close down its al-Jazeera TV c.


Sarah Palin: Proudly Clinging To God, Guns, And Constitutional Rights To Keep ‘Em –

ISIS has a "large cadre of Western fighters" who could attack in the West and is continuing to inspire sympathizers with no "direct links" to ISIS to attack on their own as it did in Orlando, the director of the CIA will warn this morning, according to excerpts of his statement to the Senate provided to CNN.

CIA director grave warning: ISIS dangerous as ever - CNNPolitics

CIA chief John Brennan says that he believes 28 redacted pages of the Commission report will soon be made public, and that they will prove that the government of Saudi Arabia had no involvement in the September 11 attacks.

Judge Tells #BlackLivesMatter Lawyer to Shut Up Last week, a group of Black Lives Matter thugs appeared before Judge John Hurley, and their lawyer immediately played the race card in a pathetic attempt to get them off. Unfortunately for the thugs, Hurley wasn’t having any of it. “Your Honor, in light of what’s happening in this country, with unarmed black men being killed…” public defender Dale Miller began to argue, according to Daily Headlines. “Don’t hand me that! Don’t hand me that!”…

Judge Hurley Sets the Public Defender Straight

Trump’s top example of foreign experience: A Scottish golf course losing millions

TRUMP: The GOP candidate has feuded with locals for years over his struggling Aberdeen resort.

Biden said Trump cannot be trusted with the nation's nuclear codes. Then Biden told the crowd that he's got those codes right at his fingertips:

Biden said Trump cannot be trusted with the nation's nuclear codes. Then Biden told the crowd that he's got those codes right at his fingertips:

#trumped #Donald #Trump #Sucks #Bad. That's all you even see of Trump.. Mouth open and a lot of bs coming out http://ift.tt/1VbM0RO http://ift.tt/1SCYHPJ

Trump's Terrifying Nuke Answer at the Debate Should End His Campaign (But It Won't) Trump didn't even understand the question, but that didn't stop him from answering.

آسانژ: مطالب بیشتری از کارزار هیلاری کلینتون برای افشا داریم

Assange: 'We have more' on Clinton campaign WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange won't reveal if the Russians are the source of his leaked emails.Previous data dump threw DNC into chaos