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Museum of the jewellery quarter in Birmingham. This is AMAZING... dreamy for a jeweler! <3 uploaded by Prisha Brown....I need to go to this!!!!

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I wish my Jeweler's bench was this classy...It's more of a corner of the basement by the furnace and the cat box....

This antique typesetter's cabinet is perfect for my jewelry studio. A place for everything and everything in it's style.

flexible shaft... don't be dirty now... it's a device that does EVERYTHING for a jeweler ...comment from previous pinner

Colonial Williamsburg was one of my favorite places to visit with my parents. Once a year they had a conference in Williamsburg and we'd spend a day there pretending to live in a different time. I loved touring the old houses and native american camps. I even had a colonial themed birthday party.

"My Place in the World:" Kids Geography Project