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This is Why I Hate Justin Biebier & One Direction! I don't hate 1D & JB because there "Girly" or "Gay" I hate them because their Dicks!

I absolutely love this! For one Nirvana, Metallica, and Green Day are a few of my favorite bands. And I have always hated Justin Bieber and One Direction. But this makes me love Nirvana, Green Day, and Metallica like times more.

Sorry to Bieber fans, but this is why I hate bieber

I don't hate Justin Bieber, but I do wonder if this is true. I don't care about his music being "girly" or anything and I don't hate the guy just because we don't share the same taste in music. But if this is true, he shouldn't be making music.

And these are the reasons why I hate Justin Bieber. What in the world is wrong with him?

Reasons, Why I Hate Bieber - Damn! I wonder if all of these are real.

Demotivational Posters

England doesn't use the Euro. England is in the UK not Europe (EURO). But yes JB's cd is being sold in England.

If I die young. Justin Bieber ❤❤❤❤❤ my sister loves this song, i love justin bieber a song we all can relate to!!

If I die young, bury me in purple, spray me in someday, sink me in the river at send me away with the words of a Bieber song!

I was thinking in my head oh them!! teehee i love Dil and Phan ^.^ then I realized what my brain had said...

I was thinking in my head oh them! teehee i love Dil and Phan ^.^ then I realized what my brain had said.

 American Idol?


bucket list: become famous- My main goal in life is to become famous-sad? I know- But now I think about it,If im famous,my sister can be successful too,not that shes not capable herself.oohhhh im digging myself a big fat hole,so imma stop now.