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eyeglass frames for ROUND-shaped face. My glasses are shaped just like the top pair. Skaga, Scandinavian eyewear is the brand. They really are perfect for round faces!

Eyeglass frames for round face shape: rectangular, sharp angles more horizontal than vertical

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Every woman should have her own unique style. Having a unique style can help you standout, be more memorable, and look and feel more confident. So whether you're new to the fashion world or the completely savvy fashionista, the below insanely helpful style charts will give you all of the information you never knew you needed.

18 Life-Changing Style Charts Every Woman Needs Right Now

For those puffy over cryin eyes: Every face shape is different. We’ve compiled the most common shapes based on facial proportions and characteristics to determine what shades will w

Spring Fashion: How to find the perfect hat for your face shape!

Spring Fashion: How to find the perfect hat for your face shape!

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Tipo de gafas según tu rostro.

Tipo de gafas según tu rostro.

Find the best eye glasses for your face shape!

Best Eyeglasses for Face Shape

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New Infographic Release: The Right Frames For Your Face Shape