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American Muslims - Chapter 2: Where Are American Muslim Voices?

American Muslims - Chapter Where are American Muslim Voices? ***Here ya go haters!

Marriage, Muslims, and culture

There's a serious marriage crisis in the Muslim American community - so why aren't we talking about it?

There is a marriage crisis amongst Muslims and I think that is putting it lightly.

Abolish columbus day

Have turkey, enjoy the day off let's just drop the thanksgiving call it something else. Land grab day or something

Disney The American Presidents Volume 1: Revolution and the New Nation & Expansion and Reform

Disney's The American Presidents: Revolution and the New Nation & Expansion and Reform [Interactive DVD] Disney Ed

Utica, N.Y., Which Welcomes Refugees, Monitors Trump's Muslim Comments | WAMC

Utica, N., Which Welcomes Refugees, Monitors Trump's Muslim Comments

This video was produced by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of International Information Programs in February 2014. This selection is from a four-part s...

American Muslims - Chapter Who Are American Muslims? ***Here ya go haters!

Violence In Israel And The Palestinian Territories: It's The Occupation ***If Israel is a democracy, why the the apartheid against Palestinian Muslims and Christians then?

When you think of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, you probably think of clashes, rockets, checkpoints and Gaza – but what's really at the heart of the viol.

Islam provides rules for war that no other religion has. Meanwhile, people with no morality butcher and oppress the masses.

All religions, cultures, races, and nationalities have individuals who do bad things. We must end Islamophobia and prevent Muslim hate inspired by recent terrorism.

In the year Baghdad had 5 major hospitals. They treated the rich and the poor, no need for health insurance.

24 reasons that ISIS are not Islamic

24 reasons ISIS are wrong: Muslim scholars blast Islamic State