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A woman decided to paint on rocks throughout National Parks. As a result, she has been charged with a crime. If you are facing Criminal Mischief charges for your graffiti, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for a free consultation today.
Entrapment Defense in CO: Affirmative Defense to Internet Sex Crimes Image courtesy of ratch0013 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
23 Petty Crimes That Have Landed People in Prison for Life Without Parole | Mother Jones  [Apparently, rates of dis-ease have quadrupoled revealing an inflationary trend.]
Learn more about First Degree Arson charges in Denver area by reading our #SimplifiedLaw blog.
Read our guide for choosing the best criminal defense attorney for your case. Finding the right lawyer is important - your future is at stake. Here are helpful tips, such as bringing a friend to an initial consultation.
Learn how a consensual sexual relationship can result in allegations of rape. If you've been charged, contact us for a free consultation today to discuss the best defense in your case.  Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Merry Christmas from a Christian Criminal Defense Attorney serving Fort Collins!
Certain energy-efficient home improvements can cut your energy bills and save you money at tax time. Here are some key facts that you should know about home energy tax credits:
A man got fed up with his home renovations. So, he bulldozed his home while his wife was away. Learn more about Criminal Mischief and Domestic Violence charges, and contact us if you have been charged.
Image Credit: Pixabay – OpenClips  School officials are suggesting children carry canned goods to school as a defense for shooters. As lawyers who fight to protect gun rights, we can think of a much better option. If your gun rights are being infringed, contact a lawyer at the O'Malley Law Office for a free consultation today.