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Young couple engagement and kissing shoot deas

Adore this engagement shoot. Chevy mirror shot but instead of Chevy, FORD! This could be used for various ideas with a couple and make it fun, retro yet young and full of spirit

Mercury Aspects in Synastry Mercury represents our communication style and intellectual processes. Strong aspects between your Mercury and your partner’s planets and/or points favor communication and sharing ideas. Read More » http://www.sananaz.com/beautiful-romance-photo-shot/

Telephone booth, c. 1970 Goksin Sipahioglu Now Image if this were a photo booth!

There is nothing more beautiful than when you give yourself to me. It is the most beautiful thing in the world. It tells me you are truly mine, you really love me and trust me. To submit takes love, trust, faith, and strength. The strength to let go and give in to true passion. When you submit to me, I ... Read More » http://www.sananaz.com/the-most-beautiful-thing-in-the-world/

A moment. Touch, no words to describe the sensual feeling that make two human bodies, two souls connect. All we desire is to be understood, we crave to feel connected to something greater then ourselves.

Not exactly a “couple” photo, but I think this is one of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen and it definitely has a romantic vibe to it. http://www.sananaz.com/picture-most-beautiful-women/

Carmen Kass in “Divine Inspiration” from Vogue, wearing a vintage corset from Sheila Cook Antique Textiles, and photography by Michael Thompson.