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Eisenherz Bike @ Esprit Flagship Store Cologne

Eisenherz Bike @ Esprit Flagship Store Cologne

Tandem adult tricycles were a great fad in the 1880’s, since they were more stable than tandem bicycles. The Columbia Tricycle Company claimed that they insured “absolute freedom from danger of accident.” The unusual machine in this photo was manufactured by a number of large bicycle companies in Europe and the United States.

Bicycles for two apparently were not cool enough: why not make a tandem tricycle! That was the attitude of The Columbia Tricycle Company when they mass produced their product during the fad of the

Under the theory of "the right number of bicycles one should own is n+1", I think I need a ballet-slipper pink bike. Yes? Oui.

Indigo Crossing, hate the basket. Black traditional would be best for the basket!

classic men's wood bicycle, possibly #European #guyslivewell360

i love the wooden fenders. did i mention i love the wooden fenders?

1906 #Bicycle Shop  #photography

Percy Winchurch ~ Winchurch Brother's Bicycle Shop ~ Birmingham, England ©Elizabeth E.

Planning to paint my TV room, I think this might be the color.  Floor in there is almost identical to this picture.

Dark Gray Walls Plus Cool Photos Roomarks. and gracefully incorporating bikes into the decor.

Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Group | www.eisenherz-bikes.de | Flickr

Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Group | www.eisenherz-bikes.de | Flickr

Green Fixie

Men need a stylish ride, whether it's a really nice car or an old bike they've fixed up. And, I don't need to less agree

Bike frame with 3d printed lugs | by Ralf Holleis

Bike frame with 3d printed Lugs :: by Ralf Holleis

Bike Frame with Printed Lugs by Ralf Holleis. It’s a track bike frame with printed stainless steel lugs glued together with carbon fiber tubes.

Flask-Hiding Fixies : Ateliers d’Embellie

Montante for Maserati - The Montante for Maserati bike definitely carries an impeccable design and the symbol of luxury. The Montante for Maserati bicycle was designed a.