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Beaded Sioux mirror bag, 19th century (back) (2 of 2 images). 10" x 8". Fully beaded front with strip beaded back

Beaded Sioux mirror bag, century (back) of 2 images). x Fully beaded front with strip beaded back

Shot In The Eye - Oglala - by Frank Rinehart - 1899 Shot-In-the-Eye Ista Ogna Opi (abt. 1835 – aft. 1910) There is little known about this Oglala. Shot-In-the-Eye was most likely wounded...

Chief Shot-in-the-eye, 1899 “Shot-in-the-Eye was an Oglala Sioux who fought in the Battle of the Little Bighorn in where he was wounded and lost an eye. What he was called prior to this battle is unknown.

The Teton Dakota word for dog means horse of the woman. To be named after a special dog, or to be asked to name a special dog, was a great honor in the Hidatsa culture. Dogs were managed by Hidatsa women. Sometimes a man who had earned honor named a special dog.

The Teton Dakota word for dog means horse of the woman. - Doctor Barkman Speaks: History and vintage photos of Native American dogs

Wounded Knee Massacre 123 Years Ago: Remember The Lost ...  //Such an atrocity, a very devastating day, never forget, no one will EL//

Title: What's left of Big Foot's band Group of eleven Miniconjou (children and adults) in a tipi camp, probably on or near Pine Ridge Reservation. Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.

"Police Chief Bob Grandpre said 3 officers responded Friday night to a report of a suicidal 8-year-old girl who had stabbed herself in the leg. She was holding a 4½-inch knife to her chest when officers arrived, and she refused to put it down... an officer deployed his Taser, with prongs hitting her chest and stomach. Emergency medical personnel soon arrived and checked the child, he said, who was taken to a hospital and placed on a 24-hour hold. The child had no stab wounds on her leg"…

Taser use on 8-year-old justified, police in S.D. say

SD Police Say Tazing Native Girl Was Justified, Family Sues - Native Spirits Tribal Community

Sottile writes: Police in riot gear shot rubber bullets and used pepper spray on demonstrators - who call themselves water protectors - on the shoreline of the Cantapeta Creek, just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation here on Wednesday.

Water Protectors Sue Over ‘Deliberate And Punitive’ Police Brutality – News

Hazel, a Dogue de Bordeaux from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This was Hazel’s first trip to Westminster.

Top Dogs: Portraits from Westminster

Top Dogs: Portraits from Westminster - Hazel, a Dogue de Bordeaux from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This was Hazel’s first trip to Westminster.

Artifacts Gallery - Long Shot, The

Howard Terpning - Long Shot - UNAVAILABLE Howard Terpning Native American Art Prints - Page 2 31 x 38 limited edition (only 300 available) signed &

1905 Studio portrait of Chief of Loafer Band, Tasemke-Tokeco, called Paul Strange Horse, in native dress with peace medal, headdress, breastplate and holding bag. Part of Siouan (Sioux) and Brule Tribe.

1905 Studio Portrait Of Chief Of Loafer Band, Tasemke-Tokeco, Called Paul

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa (AP) — Donald Trump is so confident about the loyalty of his supporters that he predicted Saturday they would stick with him even if he shot someone.  The Republican presidential front-runner bashed conservative commentator Glenn Beck's support of rival Ted Cruz and welcomed a figure...

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center at Iowa State University on January 2016 in Ames, IA. Trump received the endorsement of former Alaska Gov.