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Collecting the Moments... one by one: Superhero birthday party ~ Part 2

Superhero Bingo - m&m's for prize! Expand for a Relay Activity? Make a Survivor Square.and a bad guy scavenger hunt

Superhero Party Games to Create an AWESOME Superhero Birthday Party!

Fun Super hero game ideas - Phone booth dress up relay, Joker's stone face challenge, Super Duper Obstacle course ideas, etc.

"pin the cape on the superhero" game for bday party

"Pin the cape on the superhero" game can do with super powers- Kids can then act out the "power"

How to make Lego Party Invitations. So easy! Perfect for a Boy Birthday Party!

Is Lego fever in your house? Bonbon Break shares some great DIY Lego Party Invitations. Perfect for your Lego themed Birthday Party!

So many awesome details at this Superhero boy birthday party!  See more party ideas at CatchMyParty.com!

Birthday "Superheroes"