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Bwhahaha. My hubs would totally agree. Thank goodness (in a weird way) that we've been on injects for the last 2 years. No more Clomis crazies.

I'll be happy once you're off of Clomid. I don't know whether to kiss you, grab a tissue, or keep one eye open while sleeping.

This blogger, "The Inconceivable Housewife", has gone through the ups and downs of the IF journey but is keeping positive. Her blog includes, "Hopeful and emotional ramblings of a pregnant-minded, "trivial" woman surrounded by an expecting world." After an ectopic pregnancy in 2010, she & her DH courageously moved forward attempting IVF. They are now on their second IVF cycle...we wish them luck!

How Not To Be a Dick to Your Infertile Friend

How Not To Be Heartless to Your Infertile Friend...."don't not tell me" is exactly what I feel like screaming!! I'm still a person with feelings and need to hear from you!!

hahah!! I seriously thought this so many times! infertility and stupid comments by dumb people. seriously if i heard "just relax" one more time....

I really hate when people say that they understand my infertility because it took them a few months to get pregnant. I didn't realize that a few months was the same as 4 years.