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romans 12:19. the theme verse for the entire series. i think that the third book could be called 'i will repay'.

Get alle the books Satan doenst want us to READ Hebrew ISREALITES. Specialy ALL the Bible book the Catholic church ADMITS they took out. Knowledge is power. Keep the commantments of AHAYAH ASHAR AHAYAH, I AM THAT I AM (God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob) Exodus 3:14-15

Review: The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski

The day this book first came out I rushed down to the store to buy it because of all the glowing reviews. Did I read it immediately? Nope. Should I have? Yes! Even though I had a few issues with it...

How to be happy -1.Enjoy simplicity 2.Smile as much as possible 3.Live for today 4.Love each other 5.Watch the sunset 6.Read hundreds of books 7.Listen to great music 8.Love yourself 9.Learn from your mistakes 10.Understand no one is perfect 11.Eat ice cream in summer 12.Build a snow fort 13.Act like a kid again 14.Take nothing for granted 15.Live up to your expectations