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They need overall chaps

Me and My Old Lady on a Pimped Out John Deere Tractor ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails


man on tractor pulling woman in shopping cart bad Family Portraits Bad Family Photos Ellen worst family pics funny pictures awkward family photos wtf ugly people stupid people crazy people weird people of walmart

If you're the type to take a lot of washroom breaks on road trips, you might want to invest in a scooter like this!

Most Unusual Urinals Ever. Can you even imagine a urinal this strange and unusual.

- #USTrailer

redneck DIY lifting and hydraulics?

Riding lawnmower...

Riding Lawn Mower Close Enough Guy on a four wheel ATV pulling a power push lawn mower.

Another Red Neck Limo........climb up the wheels to get in....don't dirty your clothes

Another Red Neck Limo.climb up the wheels to get in.

Red Neck car alarm

"redneck car-alarm" this is only funny if you know our dogs

My mom and I always laugh at these. Averie if you see this and mom in near show her

Only at Walmart

Okay so some of these are WTF.but come on people the breastfeeding one? Get over it, seriously.

mobile swimming pool

Great Redneck Invention

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Redneck inventions and funny pictures

She knows better LMAO

Bad Family Photos Another collection of crazy oddities and weird family portraits. Funny ya may spot these random knuckleheads at your neighborhood Walmart.

So many choices! Welfare...foodstamps...EBT...Walmart...trailerpark...& the best one: LIBERALISM!

The 37 Trashiest Things That Have Ever Happened.

Redneck Crazy Christmas  ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails

Santa Sleigh - After Hunting Season - Funny Pics and Videos

We bet you've never seen these 21 ridiculous motorcycle.

For all of us Junque Gardeners out there..

You know you're So Mexican when the boss doesn't provide chairs for the work crew, so you come up with your own creative ideas for break time! - So Mexican

Perhaps I'll be seeing this upon my arrival in Duvall... I could only be so lucky.

Ain’t that Merica (30 photos)

Redneck stretch limo makes-me-laugh