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When life sours on you and you’re tempted to complain, pray instead. Love Lines From God: Overcoming A Complaining Spirit-Praying Through Pr...

When you’re on the bottom, look up for strength, guidance, and encouragement. Love Lines From God: Life on the Bottom - Martin Wiles

Family story time before bed. I can't wait to spend our nights snuggled in bed with our kids and a story book.

God created Free Will, but if you Exercise that Free Will & go Against the Wishes of Organised Religion then you will go to Hell & Burn Forever in Eternity ..... Sounds like an All Loving God to me.

Ask God to grow you up in the faith so your reactions will accurately reflect your identity. Love Lines From God: Childish Reactions by Martin Wiles

God-honoring praise should be continuous and lifelong. Love Lines From God: The Power of Praise-Praising God Continuously by M...

Life’s circumstances can’t always be changed but where we look for fulfillment can. Love Lines From God: Empty And Betrayed by Martin Wiles

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