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Wasn't fake your death last? I'd rather have fake your death last cause that's too sad like buddy

Im not crying youre crying.fuck It were all crying.<<<wait I thought Fake Your Death was the final song

Correction he was 8 pounds but lol this was funny

Correction he was 8 pounds but lol this was funny

Also The World is Ugly

YES And also "The World Is Ugly" is just so asdfghjkl. The "but you're beautiful to me" at the end of it just makes me asdfghjkl and omg the song is just perfect and means so much to me ALL THE MCR SONGS!


feeling like you wanna break up with your band listen to fake your death.ok MCR why didn't you listen to that befor you broke up.<< pin now read later reference music mcr

I am Mikey, Mikey is me, we are one.

Mikey Way is a gift from Jesus.<< I thought for a minute their they were talking about Michael Clifford whoops

Damn I laughed and then realized what it was saying....

Why is this funny MCR breaking up was not funny<<<crying again


That's funny cause if they started playing like, Carry On My Wayward Son at Comic Con almost everyone would start crying.

I don't think he would go quite this far. Freak him out a bit, yes. Outfit and makeup, yes. Not knives. But yes.

imagine ahaha, in reality would probably just die his hair blue and put on some red eyeliner and his best purple suit bc of course

You really need to listen to me, because I'm telling you the truth. I MEAN IT. I'M OKAY....

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