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Button Wreath or make one out of beer caps!

Button, Buttons, Buttons - I have a thing for buttons! Don’t toss those stray buttons! Turn them into crafty wall décor with tacky glue!

Fall wreath, with buttons!  I like it!  I was JUST telling Gabriel today that I "don't do fake leaves and pumpkins." ;)

I have about a gazillion buttons that I've used with Alice for math manipulative's for sorting, and addition and subtraction, but I thought.

Upcycled Button Wreath. A cute wreath made from a bunch of colored buttons and decorated with matching fabric flowers.

Fun and Cute DIY Button Crafts

Dragonfly Designs: Upcycled Button Wreath Tutorial - uses old pool noodle and fabric plus buttons.

11 Button Wreath Craft Holiday Decorations

11 Button Wreath Craft Holiday Decorations

Old buttons don't have to be thrown away. You can now save them and create a unique wreath. We have provided complete instructions on how to make a decorative wreath.