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A Woman Looking At Men Looking At Women Jacket design: Christopher Lin Art director: Jackie Seow A compelling and radical collection of essays on #art, #feminism, #neuroscience, #psychology, and #philosophy from prize-winning novelist #SiriHustvedt, the acclaimed author of #TheBlazingWorld and#WhatILoved. Siri Hustvedt has always been fascinated by biology and how human perception works. She is a lover of art, the humanities, and the sciences. She is a novelist and a feminist. Her lively…

Lost in Space Art Print

Lost in Space Art Print ♔♛✤΂ɂтۃ؃؍ӑÑБՑ֘˜ǘȘɘИҘԘܘ࠘ŘƘǘʘИјؙYÙř ș̙͙ΙϙЙљҙәٙۙęΚZʚ˚͚̚ΚϚКњҚӚԚ՛ݛޛߛʛݝНѝҝӞ۟ϟПҟӟ٠ąतभमािૐღṨ‌‍‎‘†•⁂ℂℌℓ℗℘

Maybe it's because pugs love food so much but have you ever noticed how so many of their positions resemble food?

typography by Seb Lester. Inspiration drawn from our rich heritage of letterforms in the West. The 'making of' Vimeo clip of this print is also worth a visit.