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10 Prophetic Clues that we are living in the end times from Dr. David Jeremiah's video series "What in The World is Going On?".

Sherlock production team left a review of a violin maker in character. It is on their website. >>> This is the most fabulous thing. <--- I'm gonna go cry

"Life of Making" - a documentary about Elder Artists - great to see their passion carry on to the end. Thats motivating to me.

"I don’t regret anything for a second. I know my decision was the right one and I was lucky to find people like I did at AdoptHelp to get me through it all and feel good in the end." See more birth mother testimonials.

Our Westie, named Candy, who is 3 years old started suffering a skin condition that made her so itchy she would chew off her hair and skin until it bled. We have concluded it's a never ending case of allergies to fleas. Like others, we saw the testimonials and decided to be hopeful and give it a try. #westies

Have you ever wondered WHY Plexus products may help SO MANY different things ? It's because inflammation, blood sugar instability and gut health are the ROOT cause of so many health issues. Instead of addressing the root problem, most of the time we end up treating symptoms, covering up the problem instead of getting to the real issue. Here's a better explanation from Jennifer George Pickett, a Dietitian who believes in Plexus. She has a Master's degree and almost 17 years