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$18, Dockers Signature Khaki D2 Straight Fit Pant. Sold by Amazon.com. Click for more info: https://lookastic.com/men/shop_items/360220/redirect

Straight Fit Signature Khaki Pant D2

Dockers Men's Signature Khaki Straight Fit Flat Front Pant Khakis that know how to work with individual fit waistband

Shop this look on Lookastic:  http://lookastic.com/men/looks/brown-tassel-loafers-khaki-chinos-light-blue-longsleeve-shirt-dark-brown-sunglasses/5666  — Brown Leather Tassel Loafers  — Khaki Chinos  — Light Blue Long Sleeve Shirt  — Dark Brown Sunglasses

Men's Light Blue Long Sleeve Shirt, Khaki Chinos, Brown Leather Tassel Loafers, Dark Brown Sunglasses

Nautical style - Women (note the heart detail on the belt - super cute!)

Let’s trade wardrobes and call it even (28 photos)

Classic Preppy Nautical Look. Navy blue blazer with gold buttons and cuffs rolled out, horizontal stripes, beige trousers with tan belt, shoes and handbag. Can't go wrong for business casual.

Your Style - Men/ men's fashion / camel chino/ suit jacket/street fashion/ umbrella/item blazer/ black blazer/slim fit

Zayn Malik wearing Black Blazer, White Dress Shirt, Khaki Chinos, Brown Leather Brogues

- For some reason I think it's so attractive when men carry umbrellas!--it is--the night I met Jon, it was pouring down rain and he carried an umbrella.

Shop this look for $175:  http://lookastic.com/men/looks/blue-dress-shirt-and-brown-belt-and-tan-chinos-and-brown-boots/375  — Blue Dress Shirt  — Brown Leather Belt  — Khaki Chinos  — Brown Leather Boots

Men's Blue Dress Shirt, Khaki Chinos, Brown Leather Boots, Brown Wool Hat

Men's Blue Dress Shirt, Brown Leather Belt, Tan Chinos, and Brown Leather Boots on Lookastic

Men's Apparel: business casual work | Banana Republic

So what does business casual look like for men? The first thing you should understand is that business casual is not a casual look. It’s a look meant for business purposes. The idea behind business casual is to project a… Continue Reading →

Wear a black wool blazer and khaki chinos to create a dressy but not too dressy look.  Shop this look for $268:  http://lookastic.com/men/looks/pocket-square-and-chinos-and-cardigan-and-longsleeve-shirt-and-blazer/474  — Brown Pocket Square  — Khaki Chinos  — Grey Cardigan  — Light Blue Longsleeve Shirt  — Black Wool Blazer

Men's Black Wool Blazer, Grey Cardigan, Light Blue Long Sleeve Shirt, Khaki Chinos

Fall / Winter - business casual - work outfit - office wear - light blue shirt + light gray cardigan + dark gray wool blazer + khaki pants + dark brown and orange pocket square