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Steampunk Scholar: Steampunk Poe and Steampunk Frankenstein

Many fans of steampunk are also fans of speculative literature from the Victorian and Edwardian periods as well.

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Steampunk Scholar: Steampunk Poe and Steampunk Frankenstein

Dress, ca. 1880

Chocolate brown silk polonaise bodice dips at the sides to drape and form back bustle. Ten crochet ball buttons, embroidered lace cuffs, tan cotton lining. Cream silk twill skirt with tiny brown floral print, square insert in back of sol

Black tailcoat. Kyoto Costume Institute 1815

Regency Fashion: Men’s Breeches, Pantaloons, and Trousers

If I could get men to dress anyway I wanted this is the period I would borrow from! Buckskin breeches and a claw-hammer coat.men's clothes have never looked better, and probably never will.