Glamrock Jeans. Lace, ripped, black. I like the style, because it is so cool and it is totaly my style.

Ripped jeans with floral lace patches: To think I used to wear my jeans like this in the 90's!

Ripped Lace Capri Ripping detail with lace underlay | Mixed black and white stitching | Medium wash denim #JRPLAC Limited sizes available Classy Cowgirl Co- Gyp

Lovestitch vs Free People Trapeze Slips pt 1 of 2 These Trapeze slips are almost identical as seen in the pictures. In my opinion, the Lovestitch one takes the cake. I love Free People clothes if you can't tell by my closet, however they just don't compare to Lovestitch. That's why most of their items don't make it up for sale in my closet. Anyway, the lace is thicker. I really don't see it ripping anytime soon like the FP ones do. The sizing runs smaller. It's about an inch smaller…

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