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I undoubtedly stooped below my level a time or two but it was worth it. My gain was closure and nobody in this world can move forward without getting closure. Don't go setting shit on fire or vandalizing, but get your closure. It's where God hides peace.

Just because my feelings were hurt, doesn't mean I'm too sensitive - it COULD mean you were insensitive.... Just saying.......

I never understood people who feel the need to shout their negativity. If you don't like something, then just move along. If you do like something, then repin, repost, retweet, like. Simple. Don't inject your negativity into someone else's positive space.

Happiness In Intelligent People Is The Rarest Thing I Know- Ernest Hemingway Quote Sad that all that smarts cant earn us happiness. Over analyzing, over thinking, reading too much into the simplest of things will definitely rob you of happiness.