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Prompt: Music is my escape, the only way to calm me down, to tune out the world, earphones in, world out.

relationship goals 2 #relationshipgoals (26 photos)

#relationshipgoals (26 photos)

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I'm F. I. N. E.

Depression is something that is hard to deal with by yourself. If you have trouble with depression, then this article can help you get the assistance you need.

I think i know some people who are really like this. they wear a mask.

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CTC 2 Step 3 Continued: Women cannot normally bare the pain of losing a child so for Patria to bare the pain and continue life and act like nothing is wrong so others would not worry, she is a very strong and considerate character.

You are worth more than this addiction

"I always find myself doing this, for fun? To wake myself up? I don't know, I just find myself constantly placing a blade into my skin.