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Me: I'm So Tired L Could... http://funnypictures.io/me-im-so-tired-l-could/ #funny

I'm so tired I could collaspe into bed and sleep for a year. (Gets in bed) how was earth created who made microwaves how does the internet even work I'm hungry feels bad about something i did 4 years ago remembers 73 unfinished tasks too wired to sleep


Being late.things I said five minutes ago.people touching me.beimg around a ton of people.being yelled at.a mess.

This is creepily accurate... *~*

The fangirls took over this post. Go fangirls! But so true at the same time


This happens in the house of night series! Not the my little pony but the tattoos lol

Me rn

When they perfectly described everybody’s approach to homework. Or anything like homework for that matter.

I'm fine. = Someone help me | I'm fine(~)! = I actually am fine

We actually do something like this in theater. Just saying one word differently each time for a new meaning.

What team?

New item on my bucket list: Say "What team?" in a public space, just to see what happens." I MUST yell "Wildcats!

Wait so it was a lockdown right? My school's lockdowns are so weird, these red lights come on in the halls and the younger students started calling it 'Bloodwatch'. There's only ever been two real lockdowns. The first was when a pack of feral dogs got into the school, the second was when this kid climbed onto the roof and started screaming about killing himself. He was standing on top of the classroom I WAS IN.

Same happened to me and we thought it was a lock down so we were hiding in the dark for about fifteen minutes when we realized it was a tornado drill and we were on the second floor.


The Style Bar on

Omg so true I when I go to school my hair is bad then when I going to take a shower my hair looks so good and I am just like why?

Hey y'all, it's one of dem flowers

Funny pictures about Difference Between Music Genres. Oh, and cool pics about Difference Between Music Genres. Also, Difference Between Music Genres.


This is why public school sucks.>>this is why school in general sucks<<< Why does this feel so true? I feel like if life is supposed to be healthy, this pi should not be true.