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My dad just sent me this... - Imgur

My dad just sent me this...

It made me think what is really the point to have a sign that says baby on board. People are jerks and I don't think they care if baby is on board

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The ultimate sign of defeat. It's funny bc this is exactly the face I make when I'm mocking someone's laugh. I also always hold a half eaten apple when I'm doing it.

32 Funny Pictures with Captions There are two kinds of people in the world @seren2443 @russelllatham

32 Funny Pictures with Captions There are two kinds of people in the world The sad bit is i really want to throw a spider at them. DONT JUDGE ME!

People that are having a worse day than you. hahaha this is fantastic---so sad, but FANTASTIC!!!

Unless you're in one of these pictures. Then MOST of these people are having a much worse day than you. View "All of These People Are Having a Much Worse Day Than You Are" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor


Who knew playgrounds were so dangerous

XD Okay, I LITERALLY had to help a kid who was about 11 out of a baby swing because he was super stuck. What is wrong with people? It's called a baby swing for a reason lol


I will picture this everytime i hear this song now>>> I always thought of Adele having fire powers and shooting a fireball to the rain and touching someone's face😂

Why working out is a must for me

Funny pictures about Body type: Reversible. Oh, and cool pics about Body type: Reversible. Also, Body type: Reversible photos.