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WHAT YOU #EAT IN PRIVATE EVENTUALLY IS WHAT YOU #WEAR IN PUBLIC. EAT #CLEAN, LOOK #LEAN| Catch more of Inspirational and Motivational Quotes Please don't forget to TO LIKE FOLLOW SHARE us ontwitter @liveGreatQuotes..LiveGreatQuotes.com  TWITTER.com/livegreatquotes  FACEBOOK.com/livegreatquotes  PINTEREST.com/livegreatquotes/  livegreatquotes.TUMBLR.com/ plus.GOOGLE.com/100978761268752404341  #Life  #Inspirational  #Motivational #Love #Happiness #ThinkPositive #Quotesforalltime

What you eat in private eventually you wear in public. Eat Clean, look lean. To Join our Life Changing Weight loss program. Call or Whatsapp me at

I apply this statement to everything in my life except for when it benefits me in a personal sense.

Parenting will challenge your self-discipline to the utmost. You will find that you have more self-discipline than you ever thought you did.

Great motivation fir myself. #newyear2012

Set Goals Exercise Love yourself Focus on fitness (mental, physical, and spiritual) Rest and Relax Eat Right Smile Portray positive Enjoy live Care for others Tell yourself you can do this.

Just do it! For you! :)

“It’s not about having time. It’s about MAKING time.” No more excuses. Set the tone for the week by getting a workout done. If you’re feeling tired, try doing a quick 10 minute workout. Any exercise.

daily motivation 315 Daily motivation (22 photos)

Daily motivation (22 photos)

daily motivation 315 Daily motivation (22 photos)

Slow Progress Is Better Than No Progress!  Come get your fitness on at Powerhouse Gym in West Bloomfield, MI!  Just call (248) 539-3370 or visit our website powerhousegym.com/welcome-west-bloomfield-powerhouse-i-41.html for more information!

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Don't you even dare quit!!

"So after all you've been through, You're going to QUIT, just like that? your going to FIGHT like HELL until you can't fight any LONGER. that's what your going to DO! I sure needed this right now!