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After finishing Halo I had to do something creative with Cortana and the Chief with regards to the end. And We Did Cortana and Master Chief Fan Art

Master Chief Predator

Master Chief Predator I didn't know I wanted this crossover until I saw it.

HAHHA this is so funny xD    Okay nerd story. In WoW there is a class called a Warlock that has mastery over destructive shadow and fire magic and also demons. And they frequently use 'curses', like the conventional thing.    But when I used to play, I always used to imagine my undead running around just yelling 'fuck you!' and 'eat shit!' and other curses, instead of any kind of magic :'] Okay sorry. Am done.

When dragons fight eachother or Shout at one another, they are in reality having an intense argument. So in theory it would be the same for the Dovahkiin.

Halo Fan Art: 117 - Created by Aric Pratt

Well I made a poster a while ago for the Halo 4 release party in my local city.