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Ivon Hitchens (1893-1979) Sussex Cottages 1936 (45,7 x 51 cm)

Ivon Hitchens Sussex Cottages 1936 x 51 cm)

Christopher Wood (1901-1930) The Artist's Cottage, Paris 1930 (53,5 by 65,6 cm)

"The Artist's Cottage, Paris" (aka "The Little House by Day") by Christopher Wood, 1930

Carl Larsson (1853-1919) My Country Cottage In Winter, Sundborn 1904 (64,5 by 99 cm)

Model: four year old Esbjörn, the Larsson's youngest son. Watercolor, gouache & charcoal on paper. Sold at Sotheby's Included in "Carl Larsson: Signed with Pencil and Pen" Volume Set) 1999 by Ulwa Neergaard

Stanley Spencer (1891-1959) Cottage, St Ives 1937 (76 x 70 cm)

Stanley Spencer Cottage at St Ives Back Street West, 1938 oil on canvas 24 x 30 in / 61 x cm

Valley Farm (Cottage in Giverny), 1907. Theodore Earl Butler, (1861–1936)

Theodore Earl Butler - Valley Farm (Cottage In Giverny), 1907

Christopher Wood (1901-1930) Cottage At Broadchalke, Wiltshire 1928 (50,8 x 61 cm)

Christopher Wood <br />Cottage at Broadchalke, Wiltshire <br />oil on canvas <br x 24 in. x 61 cm.) <br />Painted in <br />

Paul Henry

Lough, moor and mountain over Gortahork by Paul Henry