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Good character development and helping children that don't like sleeping

I'm Not Sleepy by Jane Chapman. It is bedtime but Mo, an owlet, is not at all sleepy, so Grandma suggests that he put her to bed instead.

J'ai pas sommeil ! de - Le coin des histoires - Albums - Jeunesse  |  Editions Gründ Jeunesse

J'ai pas sommeil ! de - Le coin des histoires - Albums - Jeunesse | Editions Gründ Jeunesse

Yikes! Eddie's in for the surprise of his life when he discovers that his teddy bear has grown much too big to cuddle! But there's fun in store when Eddie meets up with a real bear who's got just the opposite problem—his lost teddy bear has shrunk to a size that's much too small for such an enormous bear to cuddle. Could it be a case of mistaken identity?

Where's My Teddy by Jez Alborough - When a small boy named Eddie goes searching for his lost teddy in the dark woods, he comes across a gigantic bear with a similar problem.

Je n'ai pas sommeil ! de Jonathan ALLEN https://www.amazon.fr/dp/2324006782/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_KxxGxbN6KENZW

I'm Not Sleepy! (Baby Owl): Jonathan Allen ((So cute! I want to get the rest of these owl books ~ MB))

10 picture books to read under the stars - great books about night time. Perfect bedtime books.

10 Great Books To Read Under The Stars with Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

10 picture books to read under the stars (Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge)

No More Cuddles! by Jane Chapman

"Barry lives all by himself deep in the forest. But this furry chap is never on his own for long. 'Come here, Snuggle-wuggles'. All the other animals won't stop cuddling him! There are simply too many hugs to handle.

Book Trailer Read By The Author - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HD1g3P-nKWo&list=TLdvxZC_jOP3ZxnebjifoW0bibOzQDD5gS Llama Llama Red Pajama By Anna Dewdney

Llama Llama Red Pajama: Gift Edition