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Lego storage cabinets from Ikea I have never been an Ikea fan, but this may be great for a large closet....

Lego Storage Ideas: The Ultimate Lego Organisation Guide

Tested most' not bad. Most of them. The dog one NOT mine' she just ran around the damn yard.She would of keept on running! If I didn't yell" Nice. Ha Ha

If you need a life hack though here are a lot. I haven't tried or researched each tip to verify if it works so bear that in mind. However, if you tested any of them and know that it works, please confirm in the comments.

Kids love Lego, but often their ginormous collections can be too much to handle. So why not keep those colourful bricks in order by creating a play table just for them?  Here we have 14 DIY Lego tab

This is a Lego Table that has a sliding top to expose a storage area. The legs fold under and has a handle for carrying. Solis Pine with plywood top and base.- I could modify this into a geotrax train table!

1000 Life Hacks by annabelle

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Hah!! The next time I call my bank or an airline call center, I'll do this

I remember back in my day customer service involved human beings talking to one another hack- I do this all the time