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It is what it is.  I’ve written before that I find myself saying this old truism often, and this past week more so than ever.  Open the Ind...

Predisposed Antonym: The amount of things you can't control outweighs what you can control

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In a world where so many things are outside of our immediate control, it's empowering to recognize and focus on the things that are within our circle of influence. Focus on what you can control, not on what you can't.

10 things.

I think a lot of these require talent. A lot of these at the very least require prudence. Being on time requires you to do some thinki.

Emotional detachment | detaching with love | relationship problems | 12 step recovery addiction | codependency quotes | codependent  relationships | Click the image to read more. #lettinggo #detachment #codependency

Detachment for Surviving Addiction

Detachment helps when letting go is a struggle. Stepping back and focusing on yourself is sometimes the kindest thing you can do. Loving yourself is part of 12 step recovery. Click the image to learn (Step Back)

Soooo important...

This needs to be discussed with every middle schooler! Lorinda-Character Education: Five Guarantee's You Can't Control

Coping skills & understanding what is within your control.

I should really have an ASD board. Good graphic for coping skills "Things Outside my control/ Things I can control" This graphic created by Rebecca Waddell, perhaps adapted from S Herman.


Assertive Rights: Being assertive is a very big part of healthy communication and healthy communication is necessary for building strong relationships.