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How to Make Fresh Beaded Hair Accessory with Satin Ribbon and Pearl Beads from

#RepostSave @margotmckinney with @repostsaveapp · · · South sea pearl perfection! When only the best will do. Measuring 18 - 21mm this extraordinary collection of perfectly round, highly lustrous Australian pearls is a dream. Ten harvests were needed to perfect this strand and it is destined to be a family treasure and heirloom. #margotmckinneypearls #margotmckinneylustre @emporiumbne #southseapearls #australianpearls

Godiva Earrings - Ivory and Champagne Pearls on 14k Goldfill

Pearls are the most valuable of all organic gemstones, and have been prized for 6000 years. Pearls chemical makeup varies by region and environmental factors, but the basic formula is CaCO3. Pearls form through irritants entering specific species of mollusks (oysters, clams, muscles, etc), while the irritant can be a grain of sand or a parasite, the process is the same for pearls. The irritant is coated in CaCO3(mother of pearl) to make it less irritating to the mollusk. (...)