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The average student graduates with $35,200 of student loan debt.

If you've been saving for graduate school, you might be worried about paying off student loan debt. Personal finances can be tricky. So, take the time to become smart about the debt you're about to take on. Read about the key differences with graduate student loans and get up to speed on interest rates, financial aid, refinancing, consolidating, and more.

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Crowdfunding has come to student loans in the form of CommonBond, a web-based platform providing loans to graduate students. Here's our review.

Six Habits of Successful College Students by Emily Driscoll - - - When it comes to preparing for THE career, college is a pivotal asset. In Driscoll's article, she describes six ways to be the most successful college student you can be. Not only is this important for the classroom, but taking these skills from your campus to your career is a must.

3 Better Ways to Manage Your Student Loans | Levo League | student loans, personal finance, management, finance tips, debt

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