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Watching the drama on Facebook like it’s a soap opera! #LOL

Which is very true but I also watch my soaps too.there's always time for a good soap opera!

Press any key to start "WHERE IS THE ANY KEY " dum blondes

any key ? Press Any Key To Start:. And thats why i printed at label out and set it on my keyboard to remember where it is any key ? Press Any Key To Start: And thats why i printed at label out and set it on my keyboard to remember where is

narcissism cartoon - Google Search

A cartoon created by John Atkinson displaying social media icons personified, attempting to grab our attention. Used to illustrate the need to develop a social media strategy.


Rick McKee - The Augusta Chronicle - Jobless Grads unemployment, graduates, graduation

Serenity Prayer for Idiots - Bing images

Cartoon: End-User Security Prayer - Grant me the serenity to accept that my password will be hacked, the courage to frequently change it, and the wisdom to come up with a better one.

Funny Comic Quotes - fun is good, learn more at peaklifelink.com

Ctrl S + Ctrl Z haha sad thing is i do this in my head accidentally. "gotta delete this trash.

OMG I never knew there were other people who thought like this like me-- it was always diagnosed as anxiety but the ADHD meds are working and I'm less anxious because I'm not thinking about everything all the time at 100 mph connecting all the dots and reloading the tabs ahhhhh

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