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That is SO me. And when I'm not the one running away, I'll be the one running for the gum.

77 Images/Gifs That Perfectly Describe Your Schools Years

LOL, SO TRUE: POST When you open a pack of gum in class: *shows a picture of captin jack sparrow from the Pirates of the Carribean series being chased by Indians

you guys have no idea how true this is!!!

23 Signs You Went To Michigan State University

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I'm just big. I'm fit, but not skinny. My stomach jiggles but doesn't hang. My legs have stretch marks but no cellulite. My arms wiggle but don't fold. It's weird

Omg yassss I actually underweight but I still have. belly fat and I beat myself up about it!

yeh that's me whats the point of learning which letter is what number the easiest letters to remember is a and z

Teenager Posts :)

LOL SO TRUE! I do the song thing in my head for the alphabet all the time:P

:) I am not a photographer I just LOVE catching everything my daughters do to amaze me

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I've been going crazy looking for my camera for nearly 2 weeks now. Because I am a picture taking freak. My Grandsons have repeatedly said to me, "Grandma, this vacation isn't all about pictures, so please stop." Of course, I didn't.

Lol so true. This happened today when I was late for french

12 Things Every Bartender Learns On The Job

Funny pictures about So a deer walks into a bar. Oh, and cool pics about So a deer walks into a bar. Also, So a deer walks into a bar photos.