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The family dog died of cancer. How the 6 year old responded blew me away!

A Dog's Purpose - Now I know why it seems like jerky people live so long and the good ones die young.

I have a lot of scabs and dry skin patches because I have eczema and a little girl told me "you're like a strawberry, I love strawberries!!!"

That feeling you get when you read something so profound because you identify with it...this gave me that!! Wow.

With everything in me I really do! I can still see them beautiful eye and them sweet lips of yours as you read me bull shit that really didn't matter anyways. Damn I miss you! my heart hurts 3 prayers left to be answered your one of them!

I absolutely adored you...and believe me, no one else will ever see you the same way I once did. I had you up on a pedestal so high that i lost sight of who you actually were/are. And you, my love, are an evil piece of shit. Shame on me for kissing you with my eyes closed so tight.