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Apparently a minefield at the #Ukraine/#Crimea'n border has been set up by pro #russian forces (via @Steiner1776) 03-2014

The Russians appear to be mining points along the Ukraine-Crimea border. This is not an indication that the Russians plan to leave any time soon.

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Halnya Mudryi made this egg "in honor of all the people that died in this recent ongoing revolution in Ukraine. They refer to them as the 'h.

Kiev, Ukraine - Independence Square www.bnmu-official.com Study medicine at Ukraine at the National Medical University O. O. Bogomolets, Kiev, Ukraine - One of Europe's foremost Medical Universities and Ukraine's Premier Medical University - koolbeans

Our visitors come from Ukraine - Kiev, Ukraine - Independence Square

Epic #kiev #maidan #ukraine

My Maidan. A tribute to the revolution that changed us forever -

Ukraine's Prime Minister Resigns, Anti-Protest Laws Repealed - In Focus - The Atlantic

Anti-government protesters gather at a barricade at the site of clashes with riot police in Kiev, Ukraine, on January Ukraine's Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has resigned amid violent protests, and most of the deeply unpopular recent anti-protest


A figure wearing an old fashioned gas mask emerged from the smoke. He walked like a zombie- slow and creepy.

Ukraine: revolution on the Dnieper Ukraine crisis fuels secession calls in pro-Russian south

Ukraine: revolution on the Dnieper

Ukraine: revolution on the Dnieper Ukraine crisis fuels secession calls in pro-Russian south