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Word for the Week: SYMMETRY – SMART TINKER

Word for the Week: SYMMETRY – SMART TINKER

10 Frozen Crafts for Kids | Creative Child

10 Frozen Crafts for Kids

Popsicle sticks olaf, a popular snowman from the Disney's best kids movie Frozen. Make a kids friendly winter craft with Popsicle sticks. So simple for kids

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bug collage read aloud : 2 bad ants day paint brown dirt below line, day stu cut green "grass" day ladybugs

62 Interesting Ways to use an iPad in the Classroom

62 Interesting Ways to use an iPad in the Classroom. (Too bad I got my iPad right after I finished school.

Last weekend I gave the first Tinker Workshop on Explore Light and when I was preparing for it I was adamant to include art as one of the main activities. But what activity? I knew the minute I read about NOTAN DESIGNS that it embodies exactly what I wanted and represents the topic of light perfectly. Notan Design is a Japanese design concept that embodies light and dark. How much room an image takes on a space is considered the positive space and the negative space is the leftover (or often…

Light and Symmetry in Art: Notan designs

Fine Lines: Japanese Notan

This week, graders will be considering line and shape as they create positive and negative space in a Notan-inspired collage.

Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: Let's Make Sushi!

As you might recall, my wee artists are learning about Asia this year with a current focus on Japan (Asia's a big ol' p.

10 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Activities for Preschoolers has great learning ideas for 3-4 year olds.

STEM for Preschoolers

STEM for Preschoolers 10 Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math Ideas for 3 to 4 Year Olds from Left Brain Craft Brain Pin



School has started and we are now going back to a new routine.