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(I don't think so but it's going on the Bleach board until I get corrected).

BLEACH - WTF Sidestory4 - Gift by *Washu-M on deviantART

BLEACH - WTF - Gift by *Washu-M on deviantART--- I have no idea who these people are and I'm not even in this fandom.

Fairytail, Pop Art, Tattoo Art, Fairy Tales, Fairytale

Urahara Kisuke..Bleach animesinin gizemli ve akıllı adamı :3

Bleach animesinin gizemli ve akıllı adamı


Ikki is a fourth year University student and best friends with Kent.

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez #Bleach

hahah yea i miss Bleach a lot and i miss this bastard too lmao i'm very proud of this piece now my past Bleach fanboy self would piss himself if he woul.